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faculty and students with a model in studio in Hayes Hall.

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An urban planning studio that explored the historic value of building typologies along Niagara Falls Boulevard that date back to its origins as a mid-century tourist strip has been recognized by the New York Upstate chapter of the American Planning Association. 
Justina Dziama is a recent graduate of the Master of Architecture program and the International Media Architecture Master Studies Program, a joint degree of UB and the Bauhaus Universitat Weimar.
Urban planning scholar Vanessa Watson will visit the University at Buffalo next week to host conversations with the university and surrounding community on the intersection of rapid urbanization in Africa with issues of equity and conflict around food security and global health.
As climate change intensifies, much of the nation's building stock will need upgrading to strengthen it against flooding, snowstorms and other weather hazards.
The Niagara River — and nearly two decades of work by community leaders and partners at the University at Buffalo — gained national prominence recently when the river and its corridor became a Wetland of International Importance and part of the Ramsar Convention.
Reflecting the urgency and centrality of the climate crisis to the work of architects, UB alumnus James Hartford (MArch ’95) describes it as a “newly understood force – a force that we must account for in our designs just as we deal with Newtonian gravity.”

Master of Architecture student Heidi Flores says “it is crucial to highlight [Hispanics'] accomplishments in the profession as Hispanics and Latinos are misrepresented in the media."

Universal design has long been embraced by businesses eager to create safer, healthier and more supportive facilities for their employees and visitors, regardless of age or ability. The challenge for many is how.
Uniting people through play. That’s the idea behind an installation representing Buffalo as part of the Cities Exhibition of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in South Korea, with the theme of “Collective City.”
Government sponsored housing projects are a ubiquitous presence across Europe. Constituting a large share of the housing stock in these three countries, Housing Estates in the Baltic Countries focuses on the formation and later socio-spatial trajectories of such projects in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This is our invitation to consider new possibilities for our disciplines as creative, innovative and regenerative forces in our world. 

In the challenging context of accelerating climate dynamics, the core discipline of architectural design is evolving and embracing new forms of action.