Media Mentions

An article reports 31 students from the UB School of Architecture and Planning’s Environmental Design program will lead presentations this evening on ways to make the Hooks Neighborhood – a stretch between Canalside and City Hall – more walkable.
An article in The New York Times reports on “Growing Up Modern,” a book and exhibition project by Julia Jamrozik, assistant professor of architecture in the UB School of Architecture and Planning, and architect Coryn Kempster, which interviews members of the first families who lived in European homes designed by architects such as Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. There is some urgency to the project given the advanced ages of the eyewitnesses, Jamrozik said.
A front-page article reports on plans that were presented Friday to reshape LaSalle Park, including the addition of a hill for sunset watchers, snow sledders and concertgoers, and notes that the UB Regional Institute is among the stakeholders in the conceptual design. The article quotes Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning. "I think the community, right down to the kids from the Belle Center, brought us a very sophisticated understanding of the strengths of the current park, its limitations and its potential," he said. "Having the focus group make these trips and then relate their findings to their own critique of the park elevated the conversation and the clarity of aspiration." Stories also appeared on WBFO-FM, Business First, WGRZ-TV, WIVB-TV, WKBW-TV, Spectrum News, Yahoo News and Buffalo Rising.
A story on WBEN-AM featured an interview with Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning, discussing the new plans for Buffalo’s LaSalle Park. He said that one of the plans for the project is to overhaul some of the terrain and add hills to the park. "It is a park now and will become a new one but it will retain the program elements of the existing parks," Shibley said. "All of the current users and people committed to this place are accommodated in what I think is a richly designed and improved park space. There will be additional activities. You'll be able to sled on what is otherwise a flat park now." The Imagine LaSalle initiative is a partnership among the UB Regional Institute, the City of Buffalo and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation. Stories also appeared on WGRZ-TV and WKBW-TV.
An article in City Lab reports on the work of students in a studio in the UB School of Architecture and Planning who created laufmaschines, also known as the “dandy horse,” a precursor to the bicycle that was invented in 1816 in response to a very serious climate crisis that impacted the entire world. The article interviews Nick Rajkovich, assistant professor of architecture, who said, “What’s pretty amazing is, among the 15 vehicles and among these dozens and dozens of students, there’s not one solution that’s exactly the same,” adding, “The laufmaschine was designed 200 years ago in response to a climate crisis. It still holds valuable lessons today, because there’s a lot of interest in the bicycle as a carbon-neutral mode of transportation.”
An article about plans for the expansion of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery amid concerns by preservationists interviews Gregory Delaney, clinical assistant professor of architecture in the UB School of Architecture and Planning, about concerns the plan will block the view from the courtyard of Gordon Bunshaft’s 1962 building and E.B. Green’s original 1905 building. "I think it fundamentally still destroys the essence of what’s so strong about that space," he said. "I would say that I am very skeptical that they can pull it off in a way that it won’t just basically look awful in a matter of a few years."
An editorial about plans to create a 1.5-mile nature trail along the elevated High Line rail line running from Canalside to Riverbend notes that the hope is to have it ready for use within three years and quotes Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning, who said, “It’s not about how fast. It’s about how good.”
An article in Buffalo Rising about the Fairy House Festival on June 9 at Artpark reports highlights include an interactive indoor fabric installation titled Color Constellation by Virginia Melnyk, adjunct instructor of architecture in the UB School of Architecture and Planning, which features brightly colored fabrics stretched to form large star-like shapes.
A front-page article in the Buffalo News about 20 designs that have been proposed for Buffalo’s High Line Park interviews Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning, who discussed how it will fit into Buffalo’s larger park system. “It’s not about how fast, it’s about how good,” he said. The article notes that the juried competition will be judged by a panel that includes Shibley and Charles Davis II, assistant professor of architectural history and criticism.
WKBW quoted UB School of Architecture and Planning Dean Robert Shibley in an article on the first unveiling of a 3-D model of the $50 million renovation of LaSalle Park. “The exciting thing about a project like this, is that all those voices find their way into this work and they can see it and they can account for it,” he said.