Media Mentions

WKBW quoted UB School of Architecture and Planning Dean Robert Shibley in an article on the first unveiling of a 3-D model of the $50 million renovation of LaSalle Park. “The exciting thing about a project like this, is that all those voices find their way into this work and they can see it and they can account for it,” he said.
UB School of Architecture and Planning students unveiled models of their proposed plans to redevelop Eastern Hills Mall as part of a capstone project. Stories appeared in The Buffalo News and WKBW.
An article in the Daily Orange, an independent Syracuse newspaper, about a $100 million redevelopment plan aimed at reinventing the East Adams neighborhood and combatting the intergenerational poverty that has existed there for decades interviews Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning. “The project is exciting because it allows Syracuse to test a development model that could work in East Adams, as well as anywhere else. After all, if the project becomes successful, you could probably apply it to other places in Syracuse,” he said.
An article on Canada’s Farmtario about a farm located on the roof of a mall in Singapore that uses vertical racks and hydroponics to grow leafy greens and herbs such as basil and mint that it sells to nearby bars, restaurants and stores interviews Samina Raja, professor of urban and regional planning in the UB School of Architecture and Planning. Agriculture makes up only about 1 percent of Singapore’s land area, so better use of space is key, she said. "Urban agriculture is increasingly being recognized as a legitimate land use in cities," she added. "It offers a multitude of benefits, from increased food security and improved nutrition to greening of spaces. But food is seldom a part of urban planning."
An article on Buffalo Rising reports on a project by UB architecture and design students who were tasked with designing and building a 4-by-4-by-4 structure that could be heated solely by the energy of the sun, with one students proposing that the structures then be repurposed for use as a community garden.
Stories on WGRZ, WIVB, WKBW, Spectrum News, WBFO and WBEN all reported on the Imagine LaSalle public workshop held Monday night to present conceptual designs for Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park. WGRZ interviewed Bart Roberts, associate director of research and faculty engagement in the UB Regional Institute, which, along with the School of Architecture and Planning, is leading the public engagement phase of the project. “We had a community focus group and that was a tremendous theme that we heard throughout, this is really the people’s waterfront and people really care about LaSalle as a place to celebrate the diversity of Buffalo and its different communities,” Roberts said.
An article in the Daily Orange about an initiative to make Syracuse a Smart City interviews Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning. “It’s fundamentally about a broad and long-term time perspective. Individual projects are never successful, but the aggregate of intentional work is something that is significant. You shouldn’t try to knock it out of the park with a single project,” he said.
A front-page article about the increasing noise levels in restaurants and what is being done about it interviews Paul Bataglia, adjunct associate professor of architecture in the UB School of Architecture and Planning, who specializes in acoustics. The time it takes for the sound to diminish is called reverberation time, he said, and when it comes to how it affects people’s happiness, research has shown reverberation time is an important factor, not just the sheer volume of the sound. “You want enough reverberation where it helps create a social atmosphere, where you sort of join in with other people talking and it all mixes together,” he added. “You want that at a decent level, but not overwhelming. You adjust that by dealing with reverberation time.”
A story on WBFO-FM reports on Imagine LaSalle, a public workshop held Thursday to allow residents to give input on the transformation of LaSalle Park into the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park. The School of Architecture and Planning and UB Regional Institute are leading the public engagement part of the project.
An article in Business First about the development of a long-term master plan for Artpark that could help it evolve from a seasonal draw to more year-round programming reports it is working with Omar Khan, associate professor of architecture in the UB School of Architecture and Planning. “It will be a long process,” he said. “People are going to have to give us time. We are going to be smart and careful.”