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faculty and students with a model in studio in Hayes Hall.

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Kennedy Alexis is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student at the School of Architecture and Planning who is also pursuing a Master of Arts in Economics in UB's School of Management. As an aspiring international development consultant, she is interested in creating "conscious infrastructure" that will support the economic, human and social sustainability of undeserved communities, particularly in the Global South.
Samendy Brice, a second-year Master of Architecture student and winner of the inaugural Watts Scholarship, shares her passion for building diverse and inclusive spaces and communities. She is currently completing her thesis research on structural enablers of food access along the border of Ouanaminthe, Haiti, and Dajabon, Dominican Republic.
Welcome back to a new semester, a new year, and a new decade. As we reflect on a rewarding and successful fall - and acknowledge all that we accomplished together - another semester awaits with promise and potential.
A graduate preservation planning studio has completed an adaptive reuse proposal for a 19th century barn located on the historic Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo.
This fall, two studios in the BA Environmental Design program were busy developing design recommendations for two critical sites spanning municipal borders in and around Buffalo.
Along with eleven other masters of urban planning students, I was part of an urban planning studio aimed at developing a vision for a new rail trail.

Four teams of senior architecture students were recognized for their proposals during the senior competition final review. The fall studio is the last design studio in the BS Arch curriculum, when students tackle integrated architectural design - a synthesis of concept and construct addressing design strategy, program, site, construction, and technology.

Five years ago, Ahmad Zaki Sarfaraz returned to Afghanistan with a UB degree in hand and aspirations to rebuild his war-torn country with the tools of urban planning.
As 2019 comes to a close, students in the School of Architecture and Planning pull out all the stops in preparing to present the projects that they have worked on through the course of the fall semester. Faculty and guest critics from firm and schools around the region come together to review student concepts and provide feedback.

To culminate our 50th anniversary year, the School of Architecture and Planning is curating an alumni exhibition celebrating the personal and professional achievements of 50 graduates from the past 50 years. All alumni invited to submit work for consideration. The exhibition will run April 1 - Sept. 30, 2020.

In his recently published book, assistant professor Charles Davis II reveals the ways in which parallels between racial and architectural characters provided a rationalist model of design that fashioned some of the most influential national building styles of the past.
A movement that came to be known as the School of Architecture and Planning's “maker culture” emerged in the 1990s. It expressed an interest in hands-on work, a desire to build at full-scale, a curiosity to explore the properties of building materials, an inclination to experiment and, most of all, a drive to experience the materiality of architecture in an unmediated way.