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faculty and students with a model in studio in Hayes Hall.

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Master of Architecture student Heidi Flores says “it is crucial to highlight [Hispanics'] accomplishments in the profession as Hispanics and Latinos are misrepresented in the media."

Universal design has long been embraced by businesses eager to create safer, healthier and more supportive facilities for their employees and visitors, regardless of age or ability. The challenge for many is how.
Uniting people through play. That’s the idea behind an installation representing Buffalo as part of the Cities Exhibition of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in South Korea, with the theme of “Collective City.”

This is our invitation to consider new possibilities for our disciplines as creative, innovative and regenerative forces in our world. 

In the challenging context of accelerating climate dynamics, the core discipline of architectural design is evolving and embracing new forms of action.
The effects of climate change are compounding existing economic challenges faced by small-holder farmers around the world, threatening a critical link in sustainable food systems at the local and global scale.
A UB student's doctoral thesis on climate adaptation strategies for 45 coastal regions across the developing world reveals a complex policy landscape challenged by socio-economic sensitivity, insufficient infrastructure and limited adaptive capacity.

When John Eberhard was first in Buffalo and working to create a new architecture school at UB he met with the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects to explain his plans. During a question and answer period, a member named John Y. Sloan stood up and declared: “Dean Eberhard, I hope you are going to teach these people how to draw.” Without a pause, Eberhard replied, “Mr. Sloan, I am going to teach them how to think.”

A UB masters of urban planning studio recently toured sites along what could be one of Buffalo’s next multi-use paths.
This summer, dozens of students from across UB fanned across three continents as part of the School of Architecture and Planning's annual study abroad program.
New research by the School of Architecture and Planning has zeroed in on the complex relationships between access to healthy food and neighborhood factors.
The Department of Architecture welcomes a diverse team of scholars and professionals to its faculty.