Estonia (Summer)

Students from UB and Tartu College collaborate on a mapping exercise in Tartu, Estonia. Photo by Daniel B. Hess

This immersive summer study course for undergraduate and graduate students in urban planning, architecture, and other disciplines offers students a three-week study abroad experience in Estonia. Taking European and Baltic cities as examples, the course examines the built environment, natural environment, and social environment of Estonia, giving special consideration to national policy and local initiatives in a post-Socialist context, since Estonia was part of the Soviet Union until its disintegration in 1991.

Immersed in local culture and urban context, students participate in guest lectures and discussions, a mini studio projects, tours, hands-on exercises, and site visits. Projects focus on understanding the evolution of the built environment, comparative urbanization patterns, and sustainable planning objectives and outcomes. With a home base in Tartu, students visit other places in Estonia. The University of Tartu, Estonia serves as local host institution, providing opportunity for UB students to interact with Estonian students. 

Faculty lead and studio director: Daniel Hess, professor of urban and regional planning

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Professor Daniel Hess discusses the culture and history of Estonia, and UB's study abroad engagement in the country since 2012: "A Small Country with Big Ideas."