Student considers his design during final reviews.

Commentary and perspectives from members of our School of Architecture and Planning community on contemporary and emerging issues in architecture and planning.

As climate change intensifies, much of the nation's building stock will need upgrading to strengthen it against flooding, snowstorms and other weather hazards.

The architecture department's advances over the past seven years were a collaborative endeavor that drew upon the school’s mission and vision and the energy of department faculty.


"Intersight has always been about the student - what they do and how they do it. In Intersight 21, we will continue the conversation and explore how students conceive and conceptualize the idea." Kevin Turner, 2018-19 Brunkow Fellow and editor of Intersight 21



A glorious "moonbow," or lunar rainbow, would shine over Niagara Falls during full moons - if it weren't for light pollution. An editorial published by Ernest Sternberg argues a binational effort to dim the lights could create something beautiful, and invigorate tourism. 


Students had a chance to learn about spatial justices in relation to gender, age and other services from architect Lori Brown, who visited the Gender, Architecture and Urban Spaces seminar taught by Despina Stratigakos.

In his six years as chair, Ernest Sternberg oversaw one of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning’s most dynamic periods of growth.

With Hurricane Irma leading to massive closures - including hospitals - urban planning professor Daniel B. Hess, an expert on emergency planning infrastructure, explores the intensive work that goes into hospital planning for catastrophic events.


Preservation efforts must be galvanized; they require mobilization, time and resources. Preservation planner and UB professor Kerry Traynor was one of five architecture experts who answered the question: What’s one American structure you wish had been saved?


Architecture professor Nick Rajkovich shares urban planning and design adaptations as cities face more frequent and extreme high-heat events.


Architecture professor Korydon Smith says health care reform and America's aging infrastructure should be part of the same debate.

In their coverage of the death of renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, several media outlets around the world reached out to Despina Stratigakos, interim chair of architecture. Her book, “Where are the Women Architects?” (2015, Princeton University Press) devotes an entire chapter to the sexism that Hadid met throughout her career.
Henry Louis Taylor, director of the Center for Urban Studies, was among a group of panelists hosted by Buffalo's Investigative Post that considered the question, “Is Buffalo really getting its mojo back?”
UB Landscape designer Sean Burkholder leaves room for a new 'urban ecology' along the edge of te Great Lakes Basin