Silence surrounds the head of the occupant with quieting foam.

From "Silence Studio," ARC 600, Material Culture GRG, spring 2019, faculty Chris Romano.

Journal of student work

First published in 1990 as the School of Architecture and Planning's journal of student work, Intersight chronicles the creative and scholarly outputs of our students and reflects on the pedagogy of the school. This online collection represents more recent projects, published in the journal since 2018.

Standing at more than 20 volumes, this anthology of student work captures the program's intellectual currents over the course of three decades. Intersight is curated and produced each year by a Master of Architecture student selected to serve as the Fred Wallace Brunkow Fellow. This annual fellowship is generously supported by Kathryn Brunkow Sample and former UB President Steven Sample. Support for the production of the Intersight book publication is provided by CannonDesign.

Intersight Twenty Three.

Intersight 23 is a slice of work and reflections taken during a moment of dramatic change in the methods of architectural education, in how we conceive of our patterns of living, and how we design and inhabit space. The conversation will focus on how the shutdown and isolation during the pandemic has impacted how we work, communicate and collaborate, and we will interrogate our work given our current situation.


Intersight 22 builds off of the trajectory of the past three volumes by bringing together faculty and students in a series of conversations that reflect on our school’s pedagogical development and provoke critique of ideologies, both past and present. The conversations each center around statements made by prominent architectural and educational figures from the past, which became pivotal in shaping the fundamental ideas behind our school’s creation and evolution.

Featured projects from past issues