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Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica

This eight week summer course of study is designed to offer students the opportunity to live and work on ecological and social projects in a rural, but rapidly developing region in Costa Rica. 

This is a multi-disciplinary program designed for students from various disciplines, including architecture, planning, landscape architecture, resource management, and international development. Students participate in a seminar on sustainable development, enroll in Spanish language classes, and take an intensive 7-credit studio/internship with one of the many organizations in the Monteverde zone working toward sustainability. There is a final report, plans or design scheme, or actual environment intervention, depending on the nature of the work. In addition, there is a series of lectures and field trips to local cooperatives, ecologically managed farms, and various forest reserves.

This is a semester's worth of credits (13) in a small rural community next to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica. Students work with community residents on various projects jointly defined. Program is sponsored jointly by UB and the University of Maryland Landscape Architecture Program. Fluency in Spanish is encouraged but not required.

Eligibility: Graduate Students in Architecture and Planning; Seniors in Architecture.

Application: Through the Department of Architecture or Martha Bohm, Assistant Professor of Architecture