• 9/6/20
    Under the guidance of academic leadership, staff of the School of Architecture and Planning provide critical support to faculty and students and reinforce the school's engagement with alumni, friends and partners in the community. Core areas of support include academic affairs. information technology and instructional services, financial management and external affairs.
  • 10/22/19
    The School of Architecture and Planning's internationally-regarded research centers are directed by faculty members and supported by a staff of scholars with expertise across the fields of architecture and urban planning. Additional research staff support the school's core functions and independent areas of scholarship.
  • 5/27/20
    Graduates of the School of Architecture and Planning carry the qualities of next-generation leaders: grit, courage, enterprise, and collaboration. It's why our graduates are asking the questions no one else is asking, and turning those ideas into action. It's why UB graduates are leading the profession's most emergent areas of practice.