The faculty in the School of Architecture and Planning is composed of a mix of world-renowned scholars, leading architects and planners, and a diverse range of adjunct faculty selected from the professional community.
The School of Architecture and Planning's internationally-regarded research centers are directed by faculty members and supported by a staff of scholars with expertise across the fields of architecture and urban planning. Additional research staff support the school's core functions and independent areas of scholarship.
Our students are curious about the built environment and its social, cultural, political and ecological contexts. Resourceful, entrepreneurial and actively engaged in our local and global communities, our students are passionate about making our world a better place for all.
Staff of the School of Architecture and Planning provide critical support to faculty and students and reinforce the school's engagement with alumni, friends and partners in the community.
From Buffalo to Shanghai, our more than 5,000 alumni are building the School of Architecture and Planning legacy through inspirational practice.