Dean Robert Shibley Discusses UB Solar Strand on Domus

Front Yard rendering.

Architecture students pause among the panels last fall during a guided tour of the Solar Strand with Walter Hood and Robert Shibley. Photo by Douglas Levere

Published September 3, 2013

“We envisioned a solar array that would be accessible, integrated into our curriculum, relevant to our community, and representative of a new design vocabulary for solar installations across our region and world.”
Dean Robert Shibley
UB campus architect and chair of the artist selection committee for UB's Solar Strand

Domus, an international magazine on architecture, art and design, recently sat down with Dean Robert Shibley to investigate the process behind the realization of UB's Solar Strand, which envisioned energy in a new way, as part of a new cultural landscape. As campus architect for UB and chair of the artist selection committee for the Solar Strand, Shibley guided the vision and installation of the 3,200-panel, 750 kilowatt array, designed by renowned landscape architect and artist Walter Hood. Read it now.