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Programs in Historic Preservation

Join our small and selective group of interdisciplinary students interested in pursuing promising careers in historic preservation. Designed for practitioners and students from disciplines as diverse as architecture, law and art, our programs include an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation and a Master of Science in Architecture in Urban Design and Historic Preservation. 

Prepare for a growing global discipline

Historic preservation is fundamental to the work of architects and urban planners as communities around the globe increasingly look to conserve and creatively reuse their historic architectural resources. Engaging the material fabric of our rich cultural past, historic preservation involves knowledge of our urban and architectural histories, the craft and technical methods of preservation and sustainable design, and the development of supportive policy and planning tools.

Immerse yourself in our city and region

Our programs at the Buffalo School immerse you in our city and region, an ideal laboratory for the study and practice of historic preservation. As the nation's eighth largest city at the turn of the last century, Buffalo is distinguished by its legacy of historic architecture and world-class urban design. Among its crown jewels are Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Complex, Louis Sullivan's Guaranty Building and a Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park and parkway system. The city’s industrial landscape contains one of the nation’s largest clusters of grain elevators, widely regarded as a precedent for modernist architecture.

The Buffalo School has a long record of active engagement in the city's historic preservation movement that dates back to its founding in 1967. Our faculty, students and alumni have helped save landmarks from the wrecking ball, document the history of our urban fabric, build plans and policies for preservation, and adaptively reuse some of the city's most notable architecture. Just in recent years the Buffalo School has developed a conservation district plan for one of Buffalo's oldest industrial neighborhoods, advanced new terra cotta restoration methods using digital design and fabrication technologies, and secured several National Register Historic District nominations.

Explore historic preservation at a global scale

Our programs are global in scope. Faculty expertise includes historic urban landscape management for the developing world and experience in restoring historic buildings across the United States. The Buffalo School boasts the largest study abroad program at UB, providing opportunities to explore built and cultural landscapes from Barcelona to Estonia to Tokyo.

The Buffalo Grain Elevators

Open to students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in focused study of urban design and historic preservation in preparation for professional practice in the field.

Hayes Hall's interior walls exposed

Designed for architects and planners and those interested in enhancing their work in disciplines as diverse as law, journalism, history, archaeology and art.

For MS in Architecture (HP + UD)

For Fall admission, applications received by March 1 will receive primary consideration. Applications received thereafter are reviewed on a rolling basis, provided space remains in the incoming class.  International students are encouraged to apply by January 15, to allow time for visa processes.

For the HP Certificate:

For fall admission, applications received by March 1 will receive primary consideration for admissions. Applications received thereafter are reviewed on a rolling basis, provided space remains in the incoming class.

For additional information or if you have any questions regarding our programs in Historic Preservation, please feel free to send an email to: