Freshmen architecture students work hard to get their projects installed

Intensity ramps up as students prepare for the final presentation, exhibition and celebration of the work

Freshmen architecture students installing Ritual Space at ArtPark.

by Matt Hume

Matt Hume is clinical associate professor of architecture; he directs freshman studio with architecture faculty member Karen Tashjian

Published May 4, 2018

The spring weather has arrived and the freshmen architecture students are taking advantage of this opportunity to work together and install their projects at ArtPark.

The freshmen year of architecture school is a transformative process for everyone. Students learn about fundamental design principles, a wide variety of 2d and 3d representation techniques and how to work with passion and rigor. At the School of Architecture and Planning we aim to provide these lessons and much, much more. 

After completing extensive sets of construction documentation, working as a team and developing the design on paper and in the shop, the students are finally installing their Ritual Spaces onsite at ArtPark, in Lewiston, NY. The opportunity to design, build and occupy a structure within the first year of architecture school helps the students realize the power they have to create unique spaces and how much effort it takes to do it well.