Upturned Soil

Upturned Soil.

"Upturned Soil":  A still from the film, of the Northland Workforce Training Center, emerging in a former industrial building on Buffalo's East Side.

While a great number of Buffalo's vacant industrial buildings still languish in stagnation, a recent economic upturn and the enactment of historic preservation tax credits have given rise to reuse. Vacant for the last 20 years, the 240,000-square-foot (22,000-square-meter) complex of the former Niagara Machine and Tool Works will see new life as a site for advanced manufacturing and workforce training, serving the surrounding community of the East Side.

Visions and Works


Urban planning students have developed a plan to help Erie County prepare for rapidly aging population.


A new initiative within the School of Architecture and Planning will begin addressing one of the largest needs facing U.S. cities today: affordable housing.

Working hand-in-hand with a community-minded local business, architecture and urban design professor Hiroaki Hata and his students have generated a master plan that is helping to transform a struggling neighborhood on Bu alo’s East Side.

Despite an aging workforce, Buffalo's economy continues to grow, according to an exhaustive analysis of the region's economy, labor force and wages. The research was conducted by the UB Regional Institute and commissioned by Invest Buffalo Niagara.

The Master of Science in Real Estate Development prepares students for careers in one of the world’s most dynamic and influential industries. The industry makes places where people live and work, develops local economies and employment, and shapes cities and environments.