Carnegie Mellon faculty and students visit freshman studio

Program looks to learn from UB's experience with design-build studios

Visiting faculty and students were given a tour of the facilities and studios.

by Matt Hume

Matt Hume is clinical associate professor of architecture; he directs freshman studio with architecture faculty member Karen Tashjian

Published April 8, 2018

Ritual Space and the freshmen architecture studios were the highlight for freshmen architecture students and faculty from Carnegie Mellon University during their tour of Buffalo.  

Kai Gutschow, Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, contacted us early in the semester. Professor Gutschow is the coordinator of the freshmen architecture studio during the spring semester at CMU. Gutschow says he has always been impressed by the work that we do within the freshmen architecture studios at UB and, in particular, our most recent design-build projects including Reflection Space in Silo City and Ritual Space at ArtPark. Considering this, he made the freshmen architecture studios the highlight and conclusion of their tour of Buffalo.

During the visit we gave a tour our shop and digital fabrication facilities, Hayes Hall, The GRoW House and Crosby Hall. We edned the tour over refreshments and pizza within the freshmen architecture studios. This gave the students and faculty time to talk and share their experiences in an informal setting. Ultimately, it was an enriching experience for everyone.