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A workshop being held in conjunction with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning's annual conference will enlist experts to help plan for Buffalo Niagara’s long-term future. A public forum is also planned as part of the planning effort.

A multidisciplinary group of students will receive funding for a pilot program that will bring farmers in rural India together to share and learn advanced techniques, have increased access to land, and connect with established support organizations.
The latest Hayes Hall student design competition will transform hallway HVAC into innovative seating and spaces that promote social gathering.

A glorious "moonbow," or lunar rainbow, would shine over Niagara Falls during full moons - if it weren't for light pollution. An editorial published by Ernest Sternberg argues a binational effort to dim the lights could create something beautiful, and invigorate tourism. 

Media Mentions

A story on Spectrum News interviews Robert Shibley, dean of the UB School of Architecture and Planning, about Buffalo’s legendary architecture, which is featured in a 15-minute short documentary, “See It Through Buffalo,” that is being shown in Venice, Italy, at the Time, Space and Existence Exhibit. The article notes that the film highlights Buffalo as a city-wide classroom for UB architectural students. "We live in a city of really good bones. Bones given to us by Frederick Law Olmsted. Bones given to us by Joseph Ellicott when he gave us the radial street plan,” he said, adding that the school is building on the momentum from the international exposure and plan to release a book about the school’s partnership with the city.
An article in Popular Science about climate change and the dangers posed by the rise in extreme precipitation events that experts predict will only get worse interviews Nicholas Rajkovich, assistant professor of architecture, who discussed a storm that rolled through Buffalo on Aug. 8, dropping 1.5 inches of rain in just 30 minutes. The event fell somewhere between a 25-year and 50-year precipitation event, he said, meaning that the likelihood of rainfall like what he experienced occurring in 24-hour period in any given year was between roughly 2 and 4 percent. “There’s a lot of negative consequences to heavy, heavy rainfall,” Rajkovich said. “If it was more rainfall spread out evenly over the course of the year, that might not be so bad. But that’s not what we’re seeing.”
A story on WIVB-TV reports on a short documentary directed by Gregory Delaney, clinical assistant professor of architecture, that showcases Buffalo’s architecture and is now being shown in Venice, Italy, and looks at how the UB School of Architecture and Planning has been shaped by the city it resides in. "What we're doing is taking Buffalo to Venice, and inviting people to experience the city, and begin to understand a bit of the complexity of Buffalo," he said. "One woman I recall, she actually stayed in the room 45 minutes, watched it three times all the way through, and knew nothing about Buffalo and was really just taken with the images of the city and had an interest in the sites captured. It's been a really rewarding experience."
An article on Archinect News reports on a new documentary at the Venice Architecture Biennale that showcases how students in the UB School of Architecture and Planning are learning from and rebuilding the City of Buffalo. The article notes that UB students and faculty are becoming an integral part of Buffalo’s renaissance, whether working with local refugee entrepreneurs or revitalizing local fabrication and industry, with students using the city itself as a laboratory, deeply embedding themselves in the community and the challenges it faces. The article includes a short video that was shown at the exhibition. The article also appeared on SeriouslyArchitecture.com



"Discursive Practices" presents the work of architects, urban planners, preservationists and historians whose approach to design bridges multiple territories of knowledge to create new work.


Aug 27-Sept 27

An exhibition of the spring 2018 Material Culture graduate design studio, "Cages" explores the variety and flexibility of wood, and the many ways in which the naturally abundant material can be assembled. 


Sept 19, 2018

Artist, architect, and preservationist Jorge Otero-Pailos focuses his work on experimental preservation and the idea that existing buildings and monuments can be re-imagined into powerful agents of cultural change. 


Sept 26, 2018

Architect, urbanist and educator Rahul Mehrotra presents "Working in Mumbai," an exploration of his firm's use of the city and region as a generator of practice that operates through a more elastic definition of the profession in response to the landscape.