Curricular Practical Training (CPT)


Off-campus employment authorization that enables international students in F-1 visa status to take part in an internship, Co-op, field placement, practicum, or work/service experience that is integral to their curriculum. The Department of Architecture does not offer internship, practicum or Co-op, so international students are able to pursue this type of employment on their own. 


  • In order to be eligible for CPT, students must apply for CPT through the Office of International Student Student and Scholar Services at the link below.
  • If applying for Fall or Spring CPT, students must be enrolled full-time or approved for Full-Time Certification (FTC) from the Graduate School or have an approved Final Semester Reduced Course Load (RCL) before ISS can approve a CPT request.
  • As part of the Eligibility, and Academic Advisor's CPT Recommendation Form is required. See below under Department Guidelines relateive to guidelines for this recommendation letter. 

Department Guidelines

  • Students must submit their request to the department for an Academic Advisor's CPT Recommendation Form no later than two (2) weeks priority to the University Add/Drop Dates as listed on the University's Office of the Registrar's web stite. The student should contact both Stacey Komendat and Joyce Hwang with the request. The first two pages of the Recommendation Form should be filled out by the student to the best of their ability before it is sent to the department. 
  • Along with the form request, the student must provide an "offer" letter from the employer to the department which includes the following
    • Complete details for the internship (duties/responsibilities)
    • The Employer's name and complete address
    • Dates of employment (beginning date to ending date)
    • Expected number of hours to be worked each week during the above period
  • If approved, student will be registered for 1 credit of independent study (ARC 599) with Professor Joyce Hwang through force registration.
  • Student will work wtih Professor Hwang to complete the last two pages of the Academic Advisor's Recommendation Letter, including signature. The final version of the letter should be sent to the student.
  • Student must upload the Academic Advisor's CPT Recommendation Form, offer letter and all other needed documents through the CPT application process outlined on the International Student Services website before the deadline.
  • To receive a grade for the Independent Study, students must submit the following to Joyce Hwang no later than one (1) week after the employment end date:
    • A 1,000-1,500 word essary to include the following
      • introduction, stating the synopsis of the kind of work student did and what learning outcomes were
      • background of the firm and the type of work performed
      • description of the work student performed
      • assessment of the learning outcomes from the experience
      • conclusion- how did the experience add to their education