Mara Liepa-Zemesa

Visiting Scholar (August,2013-April,2014 UB)
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Research Professor and Instructor, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Riga Technical University
Academic preparation: Doctor’s Degree (PhD) in Architecture from Riga Technical University (Latvia).


Mara Liepa-Zemesa

Hayes C 03A/B

Research Interests

Riga Technical University (RTU) is working to restructure the academic programs for architects and urban planners. Dr. Liepa-Zemesa will study architecture and urban planning education in the United States and especially at the University at Buffalo to ensure that the education programs at RTU are state-of-the-art. Her research will help revise existing curricula and individual courses, and she will develop the curriculum for a new academic program in urban design. Her academic stay in the United States is funded by a grant from the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation.