Current Events


"Discursive Practices" presents the work of architects, urban planners, preservationists and historians whose approach to design bridges multiple territories of knowledge to create new work.


Aug 27-Sept 27

An exhibition of the spring 2018 Material Culture graduate design studio, "Cages" explores the variety and flexibility of wood, and the many ways in which the naturally abundant material can be assembled. 


Sept 19, 2018

Artist, architect, and preservationist Jorge Otero-Pailos focuses his work on experimental preservation and the idea that existing buildings and monuments can be re-imagined into powerful agents of cultural change. 


Sept 26, 2018

Architect, urbanist and educator Rahul Mehrotra presents "Working in Mumbai," an exploration of his firm's use of the city and region as a generator of practice that operates through a more elastic definition of the profession in response to the landscape.


Oct 1, 2018 

Join the scholars and practitioners from the Northeast and Great Lakes regions to discuss contemporary thinking in climate resilience for New York State.


Oct 3, 2018

Urban design and planning practitioners take stock of emerging alternative spatial practices and consider the potential for systemic change on the ground.


Oct 10, 2018

Michelle M. Thompson, associate professor at UNO PLUS, presents her financial inclusion project which evaluates public and private financial policies, tools, and practices that impact the ability for people to increase their personal and family wealth.


Oct 18, 2018

Molly Wright Steenson presents "AI and Stories of Autonomous Landscapes," tracing the history of AI in architecture and looking ahead to its contemporary and future implications. 


Looking 50 years ahead at mega-trends like climate change and globalization, national urban planners and community members come together on Oct. 24 to consider a more resilient Buffalo Niagara. Workshop results will be presented at a public forum on Oct. 26.

Past Events


Sept 12, 2018

Two experts in airport master planning, design and development - Joseph Barden (BPS '86) of Landrum & Brown and Michael Doucette of Jacobs Engineering - lead a discussion on the evolution of the airport and the state of contemporary airport design and planning.


Sept 5, 2018

Artist Olalekan Jeyifous reflects on his artistic practice and production on the construction of imaginary Utopias, Dystopias, and Heterotopias at the interstices of architecture, emerging technologies and culture.


Aug 30, 2018

Architecture professor Nicholas Rajkovich discusses citizen-driven adaptive approaches to a changing climate in a symposium sponsored by UB's art department.