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This program offers a graduate summer semester in two months of residence in Barcelona, Spain. The city of Barcelona is used as a laboratory. Classes, lectures, pin-ups, reviews, and seminars are conducted in the city's parks, squares, streets, cafes, museums, and monuments. 

Strong ties have been developed to both the Architecture School of the University of Barcelona and the Center for Contemporary Culture, which offer the use of their facilities for studio work, seminars, and presentations. Studio projects and seminar topics and assignments relate directly to the city, its culture, its way of doing architecture, and the messages of which its physical environment speaks.

This is a ten-week graduate program conducted on site in Barcelona, Spain beginning late May every other year (2001, 2003, etc). It includes design studio as well as two seminars. Fluency in Spanish is encouraged but not required.

Eligibility: Graduate architecture students

Application: Through the Architecture Program.