Troubleshooting and FAQ

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Warning! Using the laser cutter is a trial and error process. The settings for the materials are to be used as general guidelines for using the laser cutter. The settings can differ substantially between cut jobs depending on material composition and drawing characteristics. (see FAQs) All backing material must be removed, from the “cut side” of the material, by the user PRIOR to dropping it off at the Media Services room for processing.


Q. How do I remove the “educational version” stamp which appears in all prints from the educational version of AutoCAD?

A. 1.) Do Not use ‘black’ for either cut or etch layers.  2.) When setting up your power/speed, ‘skip’ the black layer.

B. 2.) The other option is to save the file as a .dxf and then reopen it in AutoCAD


Q: Can I cut metal with the laser cutter?

A. No. Unfortunately, the 50 Watt laser that we are using is not capable of cutting metal.


Q. Why can’t I select the universal laser.ctb file from the plot style table?

A. Type: convertpstyles into the command line in AutoCAD to convert the file into a color dependent file. This will open the plot style manager.

B. The universal laser file can be found in S:\library\laser drag and drop the file.


Q. What is the thinnest cut that I can cut on the laser cutter?

A. The general rule of thumb is to limit the thickness of your cut to that of AT LEAST the thickness of the material. For instance, if I am using 1/8″ bass wood, you want to limit the smallest cut to at least 1/8″. Thinner cuts are possible however, some heat warping or even burning of the material can be expected if the material overheats during the cutting process.


Q. My job finished. It did not come out the way I had intended. Can I get my money back?

A. Errors do occur in the process of using the laser cutter however, the errors are rare and are very predictable in terms of their characteristics. All other errors are typically caused by incorrect settings. IF you are having problems using the laser cutter, or are having second thoughts about the configuration of your cut job, contact Lindsay Romano in Crosby 52 for further assistance. If you suspect that the laser is to blame, and the media staff have not been able to deal with your concerns, please feel free to contact Lindsay regarding the problem.

TIPS cutting from illustrator:

  1. Make sure the lineweight is set to .001
  2. Make sure you are using the correct layers AND colors