Laser Cutting Tips and Tricks

for Rhino

  • DO NOT use White Layer.
  • Make sure you are in a 2D format. The laser cutter will not read 3D files.
  • Under File > Proporties > Units, select the desired unit of measurement.
  • The maximum size of material is 31-3/4" x 17-3/4". A minimum of 1/4" extra material around the part is required on all sides. This is due to the laser cutters tolerance offset.
  • Use separate layers for Cut and Etch. Linetypes should be set to HAIRLINE, otherwise they will read as a hatch.
    Note: Hatch will take longer to cut, and cost more money.
  • Share lines, sharing lines will make your file more efficient and save you time and money
  • Cutting should occur after scoring so the pieces don't become loose as you etch.
  • To clean up overlapping lines, use the “PROJECTTOCPLANE” command
  • Highlight desired vectors, use Zoom Selected , in the Print Setup under
  • View and Output Select Viewport and Scale 100%.
  • Print to File must be selected.
  • Use correct power and speed settings
  • You must have flat material, no waves or bends. Pay attention to the material you purchase and how you store it.
  • Please remove only one side of acrylic protective sheet.
  • In order to pick up your completed laser cuts, you must have sufficient funds on Campus Cash Account.
  • Any special request should be discussed with FabLab staff and written in the NOTES section of the submittal form.