Directions for AutoCAD

AutoCAD directions screen capture showing steps to take in order to get a successful laser cut job completed.
  • Remove educational plot stamp; save “dwg file” to a “dxf file,” open your “dxf file” and save it back to a “dwg file”
  • Draw boxes that are the size of your material to be sure that your objects fit into the material boundaries 
  • Be sure all lines are properly joined
  • Plot your file; be sure to follow the diagram above so your screen matches the image above
  • When dragging your window you can snap to the corners of the material bounding box that you have drawn
  • Once the window has been drawn you can assign your power and speed settings in the “properties tab” > “custom properties” > “manual control”
  • Be sure to save your plot files according to your material for each file so the B/fab staff can be sure what file goes with each different material
  • Submit plot files
  • Be sure to print you submission form and place it with your material