URP 697 - Masters Project

students in urp 697 doing a site survey.

Photographer: Maryanne Schultz 

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The final exercise for the Master of Urban Planning asks you to demonstrate your capabilities as a planner by preparing a planning report of professional quality on a specific place. 

The report tests your ability to: (1) integrate the concepts and skills you have learned over your MUP studies; (2) apply these concepts and skills to a selected geographical area (neighborhood, city, urban area, rural area, or region); (3) work with the limited information and conflicting objectives often encountered in practice; (4) develop proposals about what local officials, government agencies, private or nonprofit organizations, or citizen groups should do; (5) substantiate your proposals with appropriate evidence and analysis; (6) present your ideas in a clear, well organized document; and (7) accomplish this against a deadline.
Students will develop and complete a planning report to satisfy the requirements for URP697.