ARC 624 - Practicing Inclusive Design

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This course will provide experience in the use of key tools for the implementation of universal design. The course will focus on a certification program for universal design of buildings developed by the IDeA Center: Innovative Solutions for Universal Design, or isUDTM

Students will study the isUD program, learn how to use it for evaluation of buildings and design activites. They will also contribute to knowledge translation efforst by preparing resources for expanding the isUD website by developing new solutions, research articles and best practices. Site visits to universally designed buildings will be included. The course will be organized using a problem centered learning approach. Methods of knowledge translation from research to design will be taught through a set of design challenges related to topical issues. Student teams will conduct research, share their knowledge through in-class presentations, develop design strategies, and apply the strategies through design exercises.


Edward Steinfeld, ArchD, AIA, has been a trailblazer in the field of inclusive design since the 1970s. He believes architecture should, first and foremost, benefit the people who use buildings, and make a positive contribution to the community.

Eligibility: graduate / architecture

Prerequisite: Design for Inclusive Environments