ARC 632 SEM– Weaving Matter

ARC 632 SEM– Weaving Matter.

(Photo (fragment): Anni Albers, Design for Tablecloth, 1930)

The seminar explores specific strategies related to the tectonics of the knot, providing students with an opportunity to deepen on the material expression around the action of weaving, as a condition that brings together basic constructive traditions with contemporary architectural production. 

The seminar is an opportunity to reconnect the theoretical and the practical, establishing a bridge between the intellectual and the physical, and exposing material practices that develop architectural solutions applied to the constructive and the emotional alike. The seminar enhances an experiential approach to space through its intellectual and material qualities, framing a perception that evolves from the physicality of the tangible to the ambiguity of the atmospheric. Some of the authors considered are Gottfried Semper, Anni Albers, Günter Nitschke, Kenneth Frampton, or Toyo Ito, among others. The sessions alternate readings, discussions, short writing submissions, and a number of weaving exercises that will be documented through drawings and photographs.

Course Details

Course No.: 24813
Department: Architecture
Semester: 2018 Fall
Location: Wende – 111
Meeting Day(s): Tuesday
Meeting Time: 8:10AM - 10:50AM
Faculty: Guitart