A Diverse School of Architecture and Planning

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The School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo is committed to becoming a leader in diversity and inclusion within both the university and architecture and planning educational communities.

Our goals in diversity programming extend to recruitment, retention and post-graduate support. To advance these goals, the school participates in an array of programs in the community.

Fostering a culture of inclusion in our learning environments is essential for educating students who will work and live in an increasingly diverse culture. Broadening the diversity of those who study, teach, research, and practice architecture and planning ensures that a wider variety of diverse needs will be met through these professions. 

Our Diversity Statement

The School of Architecture and Planning is committed to supporting students and faculty who embrace diversity and inclusion as catalysts for meaningful social change. We recognize that the planning and design of environments affect all people, including those who are underrepresented, and that when the population of architects and planners is more diverse, the environments they shape better reflect and serve our communities. The school supports diversity and inclusion in student recruitment, course content, student organizations, school policies, faculty search processes, faculty scholarship, study abroad programming and student support.

Recent News

A 10-year partnership between the University at Buffalo and Carnegie Mellon University to advance physical access and public transportation for people with disabilities has been extended for another five years.
Governments across the U.S. and Canada have made strides in their food systems planning efforts, with many recognizing within the past decade that the issue of food insecurity is just as important as maintaining other public infrastructure like roads and water systems.
A student design proposal that would create a gateway to the future Obama Library in Chicago earned UB's NOMAS team first prize in the 2018 Barbara G. Laurie NOMA Annual Student Design Competition. 

UB is participating in a national program to document 50 histories of prominent female architects to ensure their names - and contributions - are not lost to time. 

Programs and Initiatives in Diversity

UB Chapter of the National Organization for Minority Architecture Students: The mission of ubNOMAS is to champion diversity within the design professions by promoting the excellence, community engagement, and professional development of its members. 

Architecture + Education: Sponsored by the Buffalo Architecture Foundation, the Architecture + Education program pairs graduate architecture students and practicing architects in the community with public school teachers to infuse architecture into the curriculum.

Tech Savvy: Faculty and staff in the School of Architecture and Planning have played a lead role in Tech Savvy, a university-wide program designed to inspire middle school girls to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology, and math areas through fun workshops.

Architecture and Design Academy: In collaboration with Buffalo Public Schools, the American Institute of Architects and LPCiminelli, the School of Architecture and Planning launched the Architecture and Design Academy to infuse architecture and design literacy in Buffalo schools through a rigorous curriculum. Through the innovative academy, students in grades 9 – 12 receive a liberal arts education while developing skills in fine and graphic arts, including drawing from observation and modeling. The program has been in place at Buffalo's International Preparatory School.

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