Reception and Exhibit

Friday, September 23 | 5 pm - 8 pm


Experience the transformation of Hayes Hall and the history of the school through a building-wide exhibition. Stay for a talk by Michael Garz, an early graduate of the school and project architect for New York City’s World Trade Center Transit Hub designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Reception and Exhibit: 5 pm - 6:30 pm, Hayes Hall Atrium

Exhibit: Hayes Hall – a 150-year history of the building and its occupants.
Exhibit: Our Work - select exhibitions of work by our research centers and faculty

Lecture: Rebuilding Ground Zero - 6:30 - 8 pm | 403 Hayes Hall

The World Trade Center project has involved a celebrated new tower and Santiago Calatrava’s controversial Oculus. But the moving parts of the project involve the junction of multiple rail and subway lines that was the responsibility of Michael Garz, a 1972 graduate of our program and senior vice president of STV, to coordinate and manage. He’ll tell the 12-year story and entertain questions.

World Transportation Center Transit Hub.

WTC Transit Hub: Designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava, the World Trade Center Transit is a soaring tribute to the victims of Sept. 11. The hub’s 355-foot-long operable skylight, which runs along the spine of building’s signature Oculus, will open to the elements for 112 minutes – the precise duration of the attacks – every Sept. 11. The rail, subway and retail hub connects 11 different subway lines, representing the most integrated network of underground pedestrian connections in New York City. At approximately 800,000 square feet, the transit hub is the third largest transportation center in New York City, rivaling Grand Central Station in size. 

Michael Garz.

Michael Garz
Leading this special tour is Michael Garz (BA '72), AIA, NCARB, is project director for the WTC hub and senior vice president of architecture, engineering and construction management firm STV. As the Regional Director of STV’s Buildings & Facilities Division, overseeing the engineering and architectural design practice in New York, New England and Baltimore. His background encompasses management of design, engineering, architecture, and construction of commercial, education, government, industrial, military, transportation, and recreational facilities. Mr. Garz has delivered projects under both traditional design-bid-build and design-build approaches. He has more than 35 years of experience and has been with the firm since 1996. A registered architect in 13 states, Ontario and Alberta, Canada, Mr. Garz is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Pennsylvania Society of Architects and the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, the oldest existing craft guild in North America. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from State University of New York at Buffalo and his Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania.

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