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Visiting Scholars


Yeeli is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Community for Global Health Equity. Her research interests encompass community planning and design to promote healthy living and reduce health inequities.

Former Visiting Scholars

Dr. Minsu Son is a research scientist in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.
Geographic Information System Theories and Development; Spatial Analysis;
Riga Technical University (RTU) is working to restructure the academic programs for architects and urban planners. Dr. Liepa-Zemesa will study architecture and urban planning education in the United States and especially at the University at Buffalo to ensure that the education programs at RTU are state-of-the-art. Her research will help revise existing curricula and individual courses, and she will develop the curriculum for a new academic program in urban design. Her academic stay in the United States is funded by a grant from the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation.
Dr. Sun is currently researching on the integration of urban agriculture in urbanizing China. 
Zhuo Yu's  research focuses on urban planning and design, urban spatial analysis, and digital urban planning. A certified Chinese urban planner since 2004, Yu has led almost a dozen urban planning projects. 
Yaqin Ye's  research focuses on modeling of spatial database, soft engineering, and spatial cognition and spatial reasoning.