Bumjoon Kang

Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Bumjoon Kang.


Bumjoon Kang

232 Hayes Hall

(716) 829-3498


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Kang's research focuses on the relationships between built environments and health behaviors and outcomes.

Other areas of Kang's research include physical activity, food environments, time-geography (continuous spatial exposure), spatial statistics, and GIScience (analysis of large spatial data). His recent work on identification of walking was published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise: “Walking Objectively Measured: Classifying Accelerometer Data with GPS and Travel Diaries.”

Prior to joining the School of Architecture and Planning, Kang was a research associate in the Urban Form Lab at the University of Washington and a planner/researcher at the Seoul Development Institute (Korea, currently the Seoul Institute). He participated in several public-sector urban planning projects including “2005 Seoul Downtown Redevelopment Plan”.

Bumjoon Kang holds a BS and MS in architecture (Seoul National University, Korea) and a PhD in urban design and planning (University of Washington).