Transformation of urban vacant lots for the common good

An introduction to the special issue

A vacant lot next to a house on Buffalo's East Side.

A vacant lot on Buffalo's East Side represents a common condition in urban areas around the globe.

Assistant professor of urban planning Zoé Hamstead and Peleg Kremer study the transformation of urban vacant lots.

Vacant land is a common condition in urban areas across the globe. Individuals, organizations, government agencies and scholars across the world are advocating, transforming, and governing urban vacant land in many different ways. This special issue builds on the Vacant Acres Symposium that was hosted by 596 Acres and The Tishman Environment and Design Center in New York, NY in April 2014, to understand the multiple ways in which these activities are taking place and share the lessons they offer by tapping into the knowledge and experiences of practitioners and scholarship focused on the work of transformation.


Peleg Kremer
Villanova University

Zoé Hamstead, Assistant Professor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UB


Cities and the Environment (CATE)

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