Adapting Buildings for a Changing Climate

New York’s climate is changing. Are your buildings prepared?

The climate is changing at an alarming rate and significantly disrupting weather patterns in New York and across the globe—causing heat waves, severe storms, sea level rise, and more. It is now more crucial than ever to continue to reduce greenhouse gases and actively combat the negative impacts caused by those emissions, which will continue to affect our environment for decades.

There has been very little focus on how climate change will affect New York’s infrastructure and what can be done to protect it and increase resiliency—until now.

With support from NYSERDA, the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning’s Resilient Buildings Laboratory recently published a series of reports to help New York’s policymakers, architects, builders, building owners and managers, and residents understand the impacts climate change has on the State’s building sector. These reports present:

  • In-depth research on how climate change impacts New York’s buildings by region and building type.
  • Calculations on the potential economic costs of those impacts.
  • The most promising strategies for climate-resilient buildings in New York State.

Learn more and download the reports at no cost below:

  1. Climate Resilience Strategies for Buildings in New York State (June 2018)
  2. Regional Costs of Climate-Related Hazards for the New York State Building Sector (June 2018)
  3. New York State Climate Hazards Profile (June 2018)

Get information on NYSERDA’s research on responding to climate change in New York:

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