Freshman studio begins full-scale construction

Students gather materials as they prepare to build two "Ritual Houses" for installation at ARTPARK

Two Flatbeds deliver materials to Freshmen studios for students to use

by Matt Hume

Matt Hume is clinical associate professor of architecture; he directs freshman studio with architecture faculty member Karen Tashjian

Published March 28, 2018

Two flatbeds delivered materials at the beginning of Studio today. Students began collecting and storing the materials which they will soon use to construct two Ritual Houses for installation at ARTPARK in Lewiston, NY. After half a semester of designing and preparing construction documents for their projects, studio groups will spend the rest of the semester working collectively to finalize their designs and bring their projects to life at full scale.

Ritual Space is a freshman architecture project that embraces the comprehensive studio model. Over the course of one year students learn to design and construct small wood joints that lead to full scale structural systems.