Students Recognized at Commencement and Award's Day

Published August 24, 2017

Student receives award at the 41st Commencement ceremony of the School of Architecture and Planning.

Congratulations to this year's student award winners. Graduate and undergraduate students in architecture and planning are recognized for academic excellence through our annual Award's Day celebration and at Commencement.

Academic Excellence Award, in recognition of highest overall GPA in referenced program:

  • Zhikai Chen, BS Arch, Freshman
  • John Nathaniel Costello, BS Arch, Sophomore
  • Ilana Rachael Simhon, BS Arch, Junior
  • Joseph Michael Swerdlin, BS Arch, Senior
  • Alyssa Michelle Phelps, MArch 2 Year
  • Andrew Koudlai, MArch 3.5 Year
  • Matthew Thomas Esposito, BAED, Junior
  • Lucas Adrian Reigstad, BAED, Senior
  • Jeffery Michael Amplement, MUP (for returning students)
  • Subhashni Raj, MUP (for graduating students)

AIA Henry Adams Medal, awarded to the highest ranking graduating MArch student in recognition of excellence in architecture, leadership and high professional standards:

  • Monica K. Groele

AIA Henry Adams Certificate, awarded to second-ranking graduating MArch student in recognition of excellence in architecture, leadership and high professional standards: 

  • Stephen Charles Olson II

AICP Planning Excellence Award, in recognition of high standards of professionalism and school citizenship:

  • Christina Farrell, MUP

Alpa Rho Chi Medal, in recognition of professionalism in leadership, service and merit:

  • Joseph Michael Swerdlin, BS Arch, Senior

ARCC / King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research

  • Daniel Morrell Nead, MArch

Best International Thesis Award, in recognition of the best thesis exploring issues of globalization, international planning and futures studies

  • Samuel Wilson Rose

Best Professional Project Award (MUP final project):

  • Richard Jason Mrugala

Best Thesis Award (MUP):

  • Jessica Kate Hall

Chair's Award (Architecture), in recognition of consistent, high caliber design work performed in design studios:

  • Joseph Michael Swerdlin, BS Arch, Senior
  • Timothy Ung, MArch

Chair's Award for Professionalism (Urban and Regional Planning):

  • Jessica Kate Hall, MUP
  • Byron Anthony Nicholas, MUP

Dean's Certificate, in recognition of highest achievement awarded to a graduating student in the School of Architecture and Planning:

  • Cristina T. Delgado, MUP
  • Timothy Ung, MArch

Design Excellence Award:

  • Christopher Trent Gomez, BS Arch, Freshmen
  • Dylan Nathaniel Burns, BS Arch, Freshmen
  • Olivia Rose Arcara, BS Arch, Junior
  • Kathryn Elizabeth Hobert, BS Arch, Senior
  • Ana Page Misenas, BS Arch, Sophomore
  • Daniel Robert Lamm, MArch 3.5 Year (year 1)
  • Kurt Arthur Stavdal, MArch 3.5 Year (year 2)
  • Alyssa Michelle Phelps, MArch (Ecological Practices)
  • Wayne Fung, MArch (Inclusive Design)
  • Richard VanCuren, MArch (Material Culture)
  • William Stewart Sedig, MArch (Situated Technologies)    

Excellence in Studio:

  • Brian John Ravinsky Jr., BS Arch, Senior

Fred Wallace Brunkow Fellowship, in recognition of academic excellence, creative excellence and superior character:

  • John Matthew Brennan

Hyatt's Award, in recognition of excellent design projects and studio work ethic (freshmen studio):

Freshmen Fall Studio

  • Kelsey Elizabeth Habla 
  • Christopher Trent Gomez 
  • Alexandra Caroline Sheehan
  • Daniel Fernando Avilan
  • Stephon-Rae Anthony Jackson

Freshmen Spring Studio:

  • Stephon-Rae Anthony Jackson
  • Zachary Ryan McCabe
  • Ingrid Calderon
  • Alyssa Ellen Bennett
  • Rachel Marie Mordaunt

Michael J. Krasner Memorial Scholarship, awarded by the WNY Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning in recognition of planning excellence and a commitment to professional practice in Western New York:

  • Melanie Reimondo, MUP

MUP Excellence in Studio Award:

  • Patrick Todd Gooch

Public Service Award

  • Natalie Marie Spinola, BAED, Senior
  • Rebecca Marie Yanus, BAED, Senior
  • Kimika Nicola Hudson, MUP
  • Subhashni Raj, MUP

R. Buckminster Fuller Award, sponsored by the Friends of the School of Architecture and Planning in recognition of extraordinary innovation and inventiveness in design:

  • Philip James Gusmano, BS Arch, Senior

Service Award, in recognition of outstanding service to the school and Department of Urban and Regional Planning:

  • Brianne Anita Gertin, BAED, Senior
  • Cristina T. Delgado, MUP