The School of Architecture and Planning Welcomes Five New Faculty Members

New faculty at the School of Architecture and Planning.

New faculty: (from left to right) Jin Young Song, Michael Silver, Sean Burkholder, So-Ra Baek, Bumjoon Kang.

Published September 6, 2013

The School of Architecture and Planning welcomes five new faculty members this fall in architecture and urban and regional planning. Prominent scholars and practitioners in their fields, these new professors bring revolutionary research capacity in planning and public health, landscape architecture, digital design and fabrication as well as parametric façade design to the School of Architecture and Planning.


Department of Architecture

Sean Burkholder will serve as the School of Architecture and Planning’s first professor of landscape and urban design. Burkholder spent the last decade dealing with projects of particular relevance to the Great Lakes region including urban vacancy, infrastructural re-purposing and dredge material management. 

Michael Silver joins the Department of Architecture pursuing research in sustainable design, digital mapping, green composites manufacturing, high-throughput computing and proprietary software development. His current work explores remote sensing technologies, mobile computing and a variety of new robotic fabrication tools. 


Jin Young Song, AIA, joins the Department of Architecture from SOM New York, where his designs of parametric façade systems for large-scale projects have integrated structural, mechanical and representational elements, and pursued multiplicity and flexibility.

Department of Urban and Regional Planning:

So-Ra Baek, PhD, researches the connection between public health and the built environment, and the role of race/ethnicity and acculturation in that relationship at the neighborhood level. 


Bumjoon Kang, PhD, studies the relationship between built environments and health behaviors and outcomes, addressing such topics as food environments, time-geography (continuous spatial exposure), spatial statistics and GIScience. 


We are also pleased to announce that Barbara Campagna, a 1984 graduate of our architecture program, has joined the Department of Architecture as an adjunct assistant professor. She joins the school with 25 years of experience as an architect, planner and historian – reinventing and restoring historic and existing buildings.