Studio Life

students present designs and plans developed through the studio experience at UB's School of Architecture and Planning

"Studio Life" is a series of blogs contributed by faculty and students that invite you inside the creative spaces of the School of Architecture and Planning. Please stay tuned as additional studios are added to the feed.

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The studio is the heart of our programs across architecture, urban planning and real estate development. Here ideas and concepts evolve into full-scale models and plans. It is a sacred space for designers and planners, where students learn to think through making, where data and research are assembled into blueprints for communities, and where students and faculty engage in a collaborative and iterative creative process. At the School of Architecture and Planning, the studio space takes on all forms - our formal studios throughout Hayes and Crosby Halls, the Fabrication Workshop in Parker Hall, our open critique spaces in Hayes Hall, the quads of UB's South Campus, the neighborhoods and buildings of Buffalo, and communities around the world.

Recent posts


What  futures  might  we  imagine  for  the  workplace?  This  question  drove  the  research  of the  Situated  Technologies  Graduate  Design  Studio, taught by Mark Shepard, associate professor of architecture and media study at UB.


The spring weather has arrived and the freshmen architecture students are taking advantage of this opportunity to work together and install their projects at ArtPark.


At the beginning of the year these young architecture students approached the workshop timidly, with little to no experience in working with their hands. Now they move through the shop with confidence and demonstrait a strong understanding of the tools and how to uses them precisely and safely.


Ritual Space and the freshmen architecture studios were the highlight for freshmen architecture students and faculty from Carnegie Mellon University during their tour of Buffalo.  


Students began collecting and storing the materials which they will soon use to construct two Ritual Houses for installation at ARTPARK in Lewiston, NY.


A new online interface for the school's journal of student work documents the creative evolution of projects over the course of the year. The blog was developed by Randy Fernando, the 2017-18 Brunkow Fellow and editor of Intersight 20. 


Ritual Space is a freshman architecture project that embraces the comprehensive studio model. Over the course of one year students learn to design and construct small wood joints that lead to full scale structural systems.

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