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faculty and students with a model in studio in Hayes Hall.

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Nicholas Hills, Lisa Liang, Griffin Perry, Dylan Russ and Peter Vidulich II each received a $100 award from Hyatt’s All Things Creative, a go-to spot for generations of UB architecture students for course-required and general architectural supplies.


An effort to engage School of Architecture and Planning faculty and students in finishing their newly renovated home in UB's Hayes Hall has yielded architectural innovation in perhaps the most functional and mundane of spaces - the mailroom.

The Louis P. Ciminelli Family Foundation has given $1 million to the School of Architecture and Planning to help build a brighter future for the school and its host communities.

Kideney Architects, a long-standing supporter of UB and the School of Architecture and Planning, has committed $25,000 in scholarship support to help bring the most qualified aspiring architects to Buffalo.