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Mid-Day Lecture

Robert Maschke - Principal, Robert Maschke Architects, Inc.

Thursday, November 21 | 301 Crosby Hall | 1 pm

Sponsored by AIA Western New York

Robert Maschke

Robert Maschke

Principal, Robert Maschke Architects, Inc.

Established in 1997, the Cleveland, Ohio-based firm has been responsible for the design of award winning custom residential, arts, commercial, and institutional projects throughout the world. The firm has cultivated a sensibility which is highly articulated in finish, meticulous in detail, and timeless in atmosphere. Each project the firm undertakes is a unique and creative exploration which engages the context and looks for specific opportunities to create a work of architecture that is exceptional.

Maschke approaches each endeavor with a highly refined design sensibility while advocating for a heightened public awareness of Architecture. The firm has been the recipient of many awards including the 2012 AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Award, the 2011 Cleveland Arts Prize for design, and several other national, regional, and local honors from the American Institute of Architects. Maschke is committed to advancing Architecture beyond his community, contributing dynamic and noteworthy designs to the built environment. His work has been featured in international publications from Australia, China, and the United States. It continues to challenge the cliché that Architecture must be expensive and exclusive, instead proposing that contemporary architectural practice must embrace resourcefulness to maintain relevance.

Robert Maschke, FAIA, is committed to the arts and culture of his region and is currently the President of the Board for the Cleveland Arts Prize, a Trustee of the Union Club, Cleveland, Ohio, a Trustee of the Intermuseum Conservation Association, a member of the Executive Board of AIA Ohio, and a Past President of AIA Cleveland.

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