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International Conference, Workshops and Exhibition


May 3-5, 2013


The fourth MediaCity reflects on pluralities and globalities, on MediaCities everywhere.


What new lines of inquiry and emergent relations between urbanity and digital media are found in non-Western cities, in post-Capitalist cities, in cities hosting civic turbulence or crossing international boundaries? What urban-medial relations are taking shape differently in urban milieux that may have been heretofore overlooked? These cities are deserving of more attention than ever before, as sites of population growth, of new cultural and social formations, of new entanglements between urban life and contemporary media, communications and information technologies, and more. MediaCities promises to expand our understanding of both media and the city today, and to articulate new sites of practice and working methods for an expanding field.

This fourth MediaCity conference inaugurates its transition to a roving event taking place every two years in different cities around the world. Additional calls will follow for proposals to host the next event as well as for workshops and media art and architecture projects.

Registrants will enjoy presentations on topics like the ability of digital media to create “public spaces” for socio-political movements like Occupy, and how new media technologies can raise, blur and erase boundaries between people. A full program is available at


Of particular interest to the public will be the MediaCities Conference Pop-Up Gallery, which will feature a variety of works by renowned digital artists.


The public is invited to attend the gallery’s free opening reception on Saturday, May 4 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 743 Main St., Buffalo.

Conference organizers include Omar Khan, UB associate professor and chair of architecture; Jordan Geiger, UB assistant professor of architecture; and Mark Shepard, UB associate professor of architecture and media study.