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2013 Symposium in Planning

April 19, 2013

April 19-20, 2013

Building Out and Up: Understanding Urban Hyperdevelopment in Contemporary China

The 2013 Symposium in Planning invites scholars from around the world to examine the explosive growth of China’s cities and its implications for urban planning, urban form, economic development, the environment and China’s role in the world

Driven by complex economic and political conditions, the explosive growth of China’s cities has dramatic implications for urban planning, urban form, economic development, the environment, state-society relations, and China’s role in the world. At this conference, invited scholars from the United States and around the world will examine the sources, processes, and consequences of urban development in China. Topics for presentations and discussion may include:

  • Control over land, property development, and rents
  • Decision-making processes related to urban planning
  • Infrastructure investments and transportation
  • Environmental consequences
  • Impact on architectural design and urban form
  • Community mobilization related to planning decisions
  • Consumption patterns and impact of urbanization on economic growth
  • Legal and socioeconomic status of migrant workers
  • Emergence of China’s global cities
  • Changing local government institutions

Symposium to Feature the Jammal Lecture - April 19

Qing Shen, Professor and Chair, Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington

Professor Shen’s research interests center on understanding changes in the spatial organization of cities, their socioeconomic and environmental impacts, and their implications for urban transportation planning and policymaking. Read more about Qing Shen and our annual Jammal Lecture.

As part of the symposium, Qing Shen, professor and chair of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington, will deliver the Jammal Lecture on April 19, 2013.

The conference will be organized the UB Confucius Institute in cooperation with the Asian Studies program and the School of Architecture and Planning, with partial funding from the Ibrahim and Viviane Jammal Fund for Global Planning Studies.  

Invited speakers will give presentations as part of several thematic panels, and significant opportunity for questions and discussion will be built into the schedule. There will also be student participation, for which students will prepare in a graduate class on contemporary Chinese urban development.

This event will help launch in spring 2013 the Confucius Institute’s academic emphasis on architecture and urban planning, making the UB Confucius Institute the only one in the United States to focus on these fundamental questions related to the historical development and future trajectory of the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Kristin Stapleton, History and Asian Studies
  • Prof. Ernest Sternberg, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Prof. Li Yin, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Dr. Wenzhong (Eric) Yang, Confucius Institute
  • Ms. Qiaomei (Maggie) Lu, Confucius Institute