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Clarkson Week in Architecture: Alberto Campo Baeza

April 3, 2017 - April 7, 2017

The School of Architecture and Planning is pleased to welcome the widely recognized and award-winning Alberto Campo Baeza.

Alberto Campo Baeza is a professor in the Madrid School of Architecture, ETSAM, where he has been a tenured professor for more than 35 years. He has taught at the ETH in Zurich and the EPFL in Lausanne as well as the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the Kansas State University, the CUA University in Washington, and more recently, in 2016, L’Ecole d’Architecture in Tournai.

Schedule of Events

All events in Hayes 403

Monday April 3 / 2:00pm
“Architecture as Poetry”

Tuesday April 4 / 2:00pm
“Flat Horizontal Plane”

Wednesday April 5 / 6:00pm Public Lecture
“On Intellectual Enjoyment”

Thursday April 6 / 2:00pm
“Suspending Time”


His works have been widely recognized. From the Houses Turégano and de Blas, both in Madrid, to Gaspar House, Asencio House or Guerrero House in Cádiz, Rufo House in Toledo and Moliner House in Zaragoza. And the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York, the House of the Infinite in Cádiz, and the Raumplan House in Madrid. Or the BIT Center in Inca-Mallorca, the public space Between Cathedrals, in Cádiz, the Caja de Granada Savings Bank and the MA, the Museum of Memory of Andalucía, both in Granada. And a nursery for Benetton in Venice, or the Offices in Zamora for the Regional Government of Castilla y León. At present, the Sports Pavilion for the University Francisco de Vitoria, in Madrid, has been finished.

He has given lectures all over the world, and has received significant recognition such as the Torroja Award for his Caja Granada or the Award of the UPM University for his Excellence in Teaching. In 2013 he was awarded the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal, the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the International Award Architecture in Stone in Verona, and the RIBA International Fellowship 2014 of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Also in 2014 he was elected Full Member to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando of Spain. In 2015, he was awarded the BigMat 2015 in Berlin and the International Prize of Spanish Architecture (PAEI 2015). And won the 1st Prize Ex Aequo to build the new LOUVRE.

Examples of built works