Exhibition: Cages

Organized by Miguel Guitart

CAGES MaterialCulture DesignStudio Spring2018 HayesHallAtrium 2018.08.27-09.27

Published August 27, 2018

What is the relationship between environment and inhabitant? How do the size and location of an entryway define its role as bridge between the contrasting states of “inside” and “outside?” How substantial must an enclosure be to incite a sense that one is trapped?

Come visit Hayes Hall and see how the spring 2018 Material Culture graduate research group design studio responded to these questions and the wooden “Cages” they created in the process.

Lead by professor Miguel Guitart, clinical associate professor of architecture, students explored the variety and flexibility of wood, and the many ways in which the naturally abundant material can be assembled, demonstrating how the lightness of wood can also express mass, continuity and weight. 

"Cages": An exhibition of student work
August 27-September 27
Hayes Hall Atrium

Exhibition Photos