Wright's Larkin: Arts and Crafts in Industry


Larkin Building

Opening Reception

Wednesday, June 7th | 6- 8 PM
Hayes Hall, Gallery
UB South Campus


The exhibit will be on view from June 8 to October 29.

The Wright's Larkin exhibition foregrounds the remarkable synergy between The Larkin Company and Frank Lloyd Wright, the period’s two most disruptive forces in their respective fields. Wright’s commission to design the Larkin Company Administration Building of 1906 showed how utopian Arts and Crafts ideals and technological advance could come together in ways that significantly changed modern industry. This exhibition gathers together many never before seen Wright-designed objects from the now destroyed Larkin Building, along with a spectacular collection of Larkin products.

This exhibition has been made possible through a grant from the UB President’s Circle Fund, the NYSCA Arts and Culture Initiative, an REDC grant, UB’s Visual Studies PhD Program, The John R. Oishei Foundation, the Larkin Center for Commerce, and the New York State Arts and Crafts Alliance.

We are grateful for the assistance of UB’s School of Architecture and Planning and the Anderson Gallery.

Special thanks to Joe Pelino, Jerome Puma, Arlan Peters, David Romero, Bob Scalise, Nick Ostness, Tom Andersen, Jack Quinan, Bruce Majkowski, Subbiah Mantharam, and Kate Bantle.

This exhibition is quite literally the product of the Architecture Design Practicum-Wright Larkin Exhibit course, taught by Omar Khan, professor and chair of UB's Department of Architecture. We are grateful to Alexandra Korchynski, Bradley Davis, Christopher Vicente, Henry Saldana, Hua Xia Chen, John Mellas, Katherine Martell, Mehmet Menekse, Nathan St. John, Patrick O’Brien, Pinelopi Papadimitraki, Shuiping Xiong, Yasmiry Hiciano, and Zachary Nolan.

This exhibition was curated by Jonathan D. Katz and Jamie DiSarno.
For more information please visit http://art.buffalo.edu/wrightlarkinexhibition

Save the Date:

Capping a city-wide celebration of the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright that opens on June 8th, the New York State Arts and Crafts Alliance will present a conference on the Buffalo region’s preeminent role in American Arts & Crafts. For more information please visit http://art.buffalo.edu/buffaloschoolconference/


The mission of the New York State Arts and Crafts Alliance is to strengthen and promote Buffalo’s, and Western New York’s, position as the historic leader of the American Arts and Crafts movement, and connect, leverage, and deepen the Arts & Crafts assets of the region. The Alliance will also build recognition of the “Buffalo School” of artists/artisans, which began at this period, and extends to present day. Please visit: www.art.buffalo.edu/buffaloschoolconference for more information.