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faculty and students with a model in studio in Hayes Hall.

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With the project in its early stages, UB architecture and urban design students were able to offer their own ideas for redeveloping the mall in Clarence.

Jelani Lowe is in the final semester of the 3.5-year Master of Architecture program at UB, where he earned his bachelor's degree in environmental design. 

Through introspective design exercises, sophomore students are exploring fragments of their architectural past, those typically omitted in the portfolios that highlight only their finished work. 

Trezz Bailey is a third-year student in the 3.5-year Master of Architecture program. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from SUNY Buffalo State.
A new student assistance fund has been made in the memory of a UB School of Architecture and Planning alumnus, Christopher Bovenzi (BPS ’84).
Samendy Brice is a first-year student in the Master of Architecture program.  
MUP student Kristopher Walton came to Buffalo nearly two years ago to join the African Heritage Co-op's mission to extend food access to the East Side. It wasn't long after that he learned of UB's Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab and its Master of Urban Planning program.

This spring, 74 students in junior studio are thinking about how climate change is impacting the world today while they examine the laufmaschine, a precursor to the bike from the early 19th century.

Six recent graduates of the School of Architecture and Planning, all rising stars in their fields, convened in Buffalo earlier this month to discuss their pathways into practice.

Daniel Oghale Ukiri combines his passion for art and the study of people and the built environment as a student in the environmental design program.


MUP student Domonique Griffin hopes to launch a social enterprise that trains and retains Buffalo's local youth through a youth career development program.


Winning this year's Life Raft Debate, Henry Taylor convinced a panel of students that an urban planner would bring vital knowledge for rebuilding society, more so than a chemist, community health expert, literary scholar, or political scientist.