Clarkson Chair in Architecture

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Founding Partner, Atelier Bow-Wow | Professor of Architecture, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan>France>Japan>USA>Japan>Denmark> Spain>Japan>USA> Japan)

This year's Clarkson Week in Architecture takes place April 10 - 13, 2018

Bruguera, Jose.

The School of Architecture and Planning's 2018 Will and Nan Clarkson Chair in Architecture, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto is a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he directs the Tsukamoto Lab, and co-founder of Atelier Bow-Wow, an internationally recognized architecture practice based in Tokyo, Japan.  

Tsukamoto specializes in 'architectural behaviorology' a science that focuses on human behavior both inside and outside buildings, and the behavior of buildings in their surroundings and environmental elements. His research aims to synthesize all these behaviors and foster organic architecture. His architecture works include: BMW Guggenheim Lab. House & Atelier Bow-Wow, Koisuru- Buta laboratory, Canal Swimmer’s Club in Bruges, Logement Sociaux Rue Rebiere. Tsukamoto has also produced numerous publications: Pet Architecture Guidebook; Made in Tokyo; Graphic Anatomy 1,2 - Atelier Bow-Wow; Behaviorology; Windowscape 1-3; Commonalities; and Primer. 


Photograph of Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and his partner.

Tsukamoto co-founded Tokyo-based Atelier Bow-Wow together with partner Momoyo Kaijima. The firm has built over 25 houses, public museums, and commercial buildings. While a majority of this work can be found in Tokyo, other projects are in Denmark, France and the United States. The firm's research studies have contributed to “micro-public-space,” a concept of public space, which has been exhibited across the world at events such as Biennales in Sao Paolo, Venice, Istanbul, and Liverpool.

Public Lecture

"Creating Better Accessibility to Local Resources"

Wednesday, April 11
6 - 7:30 pm

Hayes 403
AIA continuing education credits available

The lecture is focused on Atelier Bow-Wow’s philosophy, “Architectural Behaviorology”. It observes various behaviors brought by different actors, around / in Architecture. The main three actors are Nature (light, wind, heat,humidity…), Human (custom, habit), and Building (typology, building element). Architectural Behaviorology sees architectural design as relationships between different considerations on various behaviors. It also discusses the design practices based on Architectural Behaviorology. 


Seminar 1

House & Atelier Bow Wow (credit – Atelier Bow Wow).

House & Atelier Bow Wow (credit – Atelier Bow Wow)

"Void Metabolism and 4th Generation Houses in Tokyo"

Tuesday, April 10
3 - 4:30 pm
Hayes 403

This seminar will discuss the nature of urban fabric of Tokyo as Void Metabolism through the history of reconstruction after WW2 and the investigation on the transformation of detached houses.

Seminar 2

Student Housing in Munich (credit – Bernd Schuller).

Student Housing in Munich (credit – Bernd Schuller)

"Commonalities in Architecture"

Thursday, April 12
1:30 - 3 pm
Hayes 403

This seminar discusses the potentials of commonalities which are embedded in Architecture, and their application to design practice. 

Seminar 3

Kurimoto Daiichi Firewood Supply Station (credit – Atelier Bow Wow).

Kurimoto Daiichi Firewood Supply Station (credit – Atelier Bow Wow)


"Reconstructing Commons in Urban-Rural Exchange"

Friday, April 13
1:30 - 3 pm
Hayes 403

This seminar discusses the background of urban-rural exchange, and design practices which tackle the barrier between people and local resources.