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The faculty in the School of Architecture and Planning is composed of a mix of world-renowned scholars, leading architects and planners, and a diverse range of adjunct faculty selected from the professional community.

Erika Abbondanzieri
Erika Abbondanzieri is a licensed architect practicing in the city of Buffalo.  
Masters in Urban Planning (M.U.P.) - State University of New York at Buffalo. 1999.
Irene E. Ayad
Irene Ayad, who received her Ph.D. from Cornell University, is an architectural historian and urbanist with particular interest in 20th century western and non-western architecture as well as in community development and historic preservation. 
So-Ra Baek
So-Ra Baek's primary research areas of interest include the connection between public health and the built environment and the role of race/ethnicity and acculturation in the relationship between physical activity and neighborhood design. 
Shannon Basset
Shannon Bassett is an architectural and urban designer. Her research, teaching, writing and practice operate at the intersection of architecture, urban design and ecological systems. 
Paul Battaglia
Paul L. Battaglia, AIA, has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at UB since 1985 teaching Lighting and Acoustics: Environmental Controls 2. He also teaches a seminar on Aural Architecture and has taught Generic Building Types and various architectural studios in the Millard Fillmore College.
Martha Bohm
Martha Bohm is an Assistant Professor teaching design, ecological practices, sustainability and environmental systems.
Nicholas Bruscia
Nicholas Bruscia’s current teaching and research experiment with form and structure via computational simulation and material prototyping.  
Sean Burkholder
Sean Burkholder has spent the last decade dealing with projects of particular relevance to the Great Lakes region including urban vacancy, infrastructural re-purposing and dredge material management.  
Barbara Campagna
Barbara has worked for the past 25 years as an architect, planner and historian – reinventing and restoring historic and existing buildings. 
Brian Carter
Brian Carter, a graduate of the Nottingham School of Architecture and the University of Toronto, is a registered architect in the United Kingdom. 
Sam Cole
Before joining the Department of Environmental Planning and Design at UB in 1983, Professor Sam Cole worked in a wide variety of national and international positions in national, urban, and regional planning. 
Stephanie Cramer
Steph Cramer studied Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (BArch 2006) and received the post-professional degree Design + Make from the Architectural Association, London (MArch, 2014).
Anne Dafchik
Ms. Dafchik is a versatile architect who has experience with educational, healthcare, municipal and historic preservation projects.  
Matthew Dates
Matthew has 16 years of experience as a Structural Engineer, Architect, and Project Manager.
Stephanie Davidson
Stephanie Davidson studied Fine Art at Mount Allison University, Canada (BFA, 2000) and architecture at Dalhousie University, Canada (BEDS, 2002; MArch 2005) and the Architectural Association, London England.
Gregory Delaney
Gregory Delaney is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School, where he earned his degrees (B.S. in Architecture and M.A.S. in Criticism) and taught courses in architecture and landscape architecture before moving to Buffalo in 2011.
Alan Dewart
Stephen P. Fitzmaurice
Currently teaching Strategies of Property Management, Stephen Fitzmaurice has been a property management professional over 30 years. 
Laura Garofalo
Laura Garófalo’s research, pedagogy, and practice focuses on the conjunction of natural and architectural systems.
Jordan Geiger
Jordan Geiger is an architect and educator whose work crosses architecture and interaction design, considering implications of human computer interaction for social and environmental issues.
Miguel Guitart
Miguel Guitart, PhD. is an architect and academic from Madrid, Spain. He teaches as Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.
Hiro Hata
Associate Professor Hiroaki Hata holds a post-professional degree in urban design from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture degree from Washington University.
Dan Hess
Central to Dr. Hess’ research agenda is interpreting how the built environment of cities (and the public policies that support this form) influences travel behavior. 
Matthew Hume
Received Master of Architecture Degree from the University at buffalo School of Architecture.
Joyce Hwang
Joyce Hwang, AIA, NCARB, is the Director of Ants of the Prairie, an office of architectural practice and research that focuses on confronting contemporary ecological conditions through creative means.
Julia Jamrozik
Julia Jamrozik is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she studied both architecture and art history and holds an M.Arch from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. 
Bumjoon Kang
Kang's research focuses on the relationships between built environments and health behaviors and outcomes.
Omar Khan
Omar Khan’s research and practice address responsiveness and performativity in architecture.
Ashima Krishna
Ashima Krishna is an architect, historic preservation planner and educator. Her research focuses on three broad areas related to cultural heritage and its preservation: the management of historic urban landscapes in developing countries like India, issues in adaptively reusing religious historic structures and landscapes, and contemporary problems with world heritage sites in the developing world.  
Jean LaMarche
Jean La Marche holds a Doctorate in Architecture from the University of Michigan and was Acting Chair (2002-03).
Annette LeCuyer
Annette LeCuyer received professional and graduate diplomas from the Architectural Association in London and is a licensed architect in the United Kingdom.
Ang Li
Ang Li is an architect and writer whose work is centered around the re-appropriation of lost and found architectural artifacts.
Kenneth MacKay
Kenneth S. MacKay, AIA has more than twenty years of experience in teaching architectural design studios, professional practice and building systems integration.
Dennis Maher
The work of Dennis Maher has ranged from a localized form of civic activism and material experimentation to a synthetic proposition for re-imagining the post-industrial environment  through a variety of modes and media.
Virginia Melnyk
Virginia Melnyk is returning to the University of Buffalo, where she received her B.S. in Architecture. She subsequently earned her MArch from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.
William Murray
Adjunct Instructor
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Martha Bohm
Erkin Özay is a registered architect and an urbanist with a research focus on urban asset distribution practices and their spatial impacts on the city, with a specific concentration on the design of educational environments. 
G. William Page
Dr. Page’s research focuses on a variety of issues related to environmental planning, which involves the study of how to use the planning process to minimize the negative effects of the natural environment on humans and of human settlements on the natural environment.
JiYoung Park
Dr. Park’s research interests are urban economics and transportation modeling as applied to natural and man-made environmental and security problems.
Alfred Price
Professor Price’s research overlaps his professional practice and public service interests, and is concerned primarily with housing for low-income households.
Nicholas Rajkovich
Nicholas B. Rajkovich, PhD, AIA is an Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo. His research investigates the intersection of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and adaptation to climate change.
Michael Silver
Michael Silver pursues pioneering research in the fields of sustainable design, digital mapping, green composites manufacturing, high-throughput computing and proprietary software development. 
Georg Rafailidis
Assistant Professor Georg Rafailidis is a registered architect with the architect chamber Berlin, Germany.
Samina Raja
Dr. Raja’s research focuses on planning and design for sustainable food systems and healthy communities.
Christopher Romano
Christopher Romano is a Research Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York and a researcher within the Material Culture Research Group where he co-directs the Sustainable Futures study abroad program in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.
Lynda Schneekloth
For four decades, Lynda H. Schneekloth has connected activism, design practice, applied research, teaching, scholarship, and academic service with deep theoretical work on the fundamental dynamics of professional and citizen engagement in the practice of “placemaking.”
Mark Shepard
Mark Shepard holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Architecture and Media Study. He received a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, a Master of Fine Arts in Combined Media from Hunter College, City University of New York, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University.
Robert Shibley, FAIA, AICP
Robert G. Shibley, Dean of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, is an internationally renowned scholar and practitioner in architecture, planning and urban design. 
Robert Silverman
Dr. Silverman's research focuses on the non-profit sector, the role of community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods, education reform, shrinking cities, and inequality in inner city housing markets. 
Korydon Smith is associate professor in the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo. Smith teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in architectural design, theory, and methods.
Martha Bohm
Jin Young Song, AIA, is a registered architect in New York State and a founder of DIOINNO Architecture PLLC, Buffalo and Seoul based design firm.
Hadas Steiner
Associate Professor Hadas A. Steiner received a Ph.D. in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Masters degree in Art History from University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Art in Architecture from Columbia University.
Edward Steinfeld
Dr. Steinfeld holds a doctorate degree in architecture from the University of Michigan and a professional degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.
Ernest Sternberg
Dr. Sternberg’s current work is on the ethics of complex decision making to avert disasters, whether from terrorism or natural or technological hazards.
Despina Stratigakos
Despina Stratigakos is a historian and writer interested in the intersections of architecture and power. 
Beth Tauke
Beth Tauke is Associate Dean in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo - State University of New York, Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, and Project Director in the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA), the leading research center on universal design in the built environment in the U.S.
Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.
Dr.  Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. research focuses on a historical and contemporary analysis of distressed urban neighborhoods, social isolation and race and class issues among people of color, especially African Americans and Latinos. 
Kerry Traynor
Kerry Traynor has been working in the field of historic preservation for over 20 years. Professor Traynor has a diverse background including work in the private and public sectors, as well as in academia.
Brad Wales
Brad Wales has 28 years experience working years as a sole practitioner registered in NY and NJ. His work focuses on community-based green projects, focusing on mixed-use design, streetscape and pocket park design, and passive solar design, with an overall emphasis on issues of durability.
Harry Warren
A graduate of The University of Detroit School of Architecture in 1976, He was in Private practice for over 30 years.
Sue Weisemann
Sue Weidemann, PhD, is an environmental psychologist who, for over 35 years, has studied the relationships between people and the places and spaces they use, through her research, teaching, and consulting. 
Li Yin
My research focuses on practical applications of spatial models, joining amenity and location theory with applied GIS and simulation methods to explore the complexity and dynamic processes of urban systems for environmental planning, urban design, and sustainable development.