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Welcome from the Chair: Ernie Sternberg

As one who has been a professional practitioner and then professor for over 30 years, I invite you to consider a fulfilling career in urban and regional planning.  It is a professional calling through which we can study and then lend a hand toward resolving some of the greatest challenges of our times.

How do we reduce land contamination, restore urban streams, and lessen the deleterious effects of cities on the atmosphere? Help localities nurture businesses and industries that prosper despite international competition, yet build a sustainable economy?  Lessen urban distress and inequities in the inner city? Alter built environments to support human health, expand access to people of varied abilities, and improve peoples’ nutrition?  Design places that are beautiful, safe, comfortable, and conducive to walking and biking?  Protect and take advantage of historic buildings and landscapes? And apply geographic information systems, 3-D visualization, and other computer techniques toward achieving these ends?

If you want to learn how, please consider applying.  For undergraduates we offer a program, concentrated in junior and senior years, leading toward the Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Design.  Students completing their sophomore year of study in another institution may apply to transfer to us.  Our degree prepares them for graduate professional study in planning, and also for alternative fields of graduate study related to the shaping of the physical built environment. 

For graduate students, we provide a fully-accredited two-year program leading to the Master of Urban Planning, the entrée into our profession. Students may qualify from any undergraduate major. Contrary to some preconceptions, planning is not at all a narrow field; graduates are not at all restricted to municipal jobs called “planner” (though those are fine jobs). With five established specializations and two emerging fields of concentration, our graduates find careers in a wide variety of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, community and activist groups, state and federal government, consulting firms, real estate and engineering firms and international agencies. Please find out why you should study this subject with us in Buffalo.

For those who already hold a master’s degree in planning or related field, we offer our PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, a degree meant to graduate scholars who will both advance our field through research and teach it to new generations.

Come and learn about programs of study, our faculty, and our facilities. Learn also about our larger locale, the bi-national Buffalo-Niagara region, which violates all stereotypes with its wealth of history, culture, recreation, and economic dynamism.  Please do stay and explore our website.

Urban and Regional Planning