Fabrication Services

At work in the school's Material and Methods Shop.

The School hosts one of the most impressive Fabrication Facilities for a School of Architecture and Planning in the United States. It provides students the resources to build and test their designs at full scale and learn digital fabrication on the latest CNC and rapid prototyping technologies.

The Digital Workshop in the School of Architecture and Planning is now located in Parker Hall, Room 2. It provides a range of the latest equipment dedicated to material research, model making and fabrication.
The Materials and Methods Shop, a complete machine and assembly shop and one of the finest in any U.S. architecture school, contains 7,000 square feet of high-bay space and equipment ranging from planers to plasma cutters. Located in Parker Hall, the shop is available for school-wide projects and independent work throughout the academic year and is open days, evenings and weekends.
Support information for current faculty, staff and students in our resources section.