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Print Services

Print lab located in the basement of Crosby Hall

The Buffalo School features an enterprise class print environment to meet diverse needs of our students and faculty.

Students of the Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning have direct access to one of the most sophisticated and diverse printing environments found any where at the University at Buffalo. The printing services is equipped to handle everything from the standard letter size print up to prints 60" wide; from draft test prints to final production, museum quality prints.

Large format printing

Large format printing available in Crosby 50

Access to and knowledge of large- scale plotting is an invaluable skill and resource for students at the Buffalo School. Key to understanding the fields of architecture and planning, the various types of plotters allow students to accurately depict their concepts through high quality drawings and review boards. Experience with large scale plotters elevates students to the high standard of academic excellence expected at the Buffalo School.

Large format printing is centrally located in the main IT Services office in Crosby 50. The plotters are configured to deliver a wide variety of quality on a wide variety of media at a low cost. Our KIP black and white laser plotter is capable of printing 23 D-sized prints a minute. Our 60" plotters are capable of printing museum quality prints on media types not accessible any where else on campus.

Laser Printing

Laser printing

Our distributed laser printer pool provide students with convenient, efficient and fast print turn around. Laser printers are distributed throughout the buildings now housing the School of Architecture and Planning; making them convenient to get to when picking up prints.  In combination with the large scale plotters, the laser printers meet all print needs for architecture and planning students.

Available media

Our printers and plotters are capable to handling a vast variety of paper types and weights. Our large format plotters are configured so that up to 8 different paper types can be used to at any one time. Our laser printers are equipped meet the demand for every day printing as well as portfolio production.