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The studio will emphasize critical thinking on basic architectural issues through the design proposal of a group of three houses and three workspaces (painting, writing, and music composing) for three very different families that will be sharing a single undivided lot in the east side of the city of Buffalo. 
The studio will focus on collecting and collections and will be organized around two projects during the semester. Students will be required to work both collaboratively and individually.  Individual proposals will be required for each project.

This studio proposes to re-engage with “unoriginal things” that make up the urban landscape of weak market cities. We will look at both the traditional (housing, schools, shops, religious institutions, street, park, etc.) and non-traditional (vacant buildings and lots, informal paths, storefront churches, corner stores, etc.) components.

Would you like to experience a dynamic learning environment that simulates interdisciplinary cutting edge practices where architects, planners, and developers work closely to produce outstanding projects that are financially feasible and transformative? Would you like to develop a large-scale project with your “real” studio client? 

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