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This interdisciplinary seminar examines precedents and principles of good urban design; Making cities legible, sustainable, healthy, equitable, and rich in human experience”


This studio proposes to re-engage with “unoriginal things” that make up the urban landscape of weak market cities. We will look at both the traditional (housing, schools, shops, religious institutions, street, park, etc.) and non-traditional (vacant buildings and lots, informal paths, storefront churches, corner stores, etc.) components.

What is a good city? The city that is legible, healthy, resilient, and equitable? How is its urban form organized? How can you recognize it when you see one? Intended as an introduction to the field of Urban Design, this interdisciplinary course fulfills partial requirements for both an MARC-GRG/Urban Design (Technical Method) and an MUP-Urban Design Specialization track.